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Getting Started

Getting Started

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Math Dynamics is more than a calculator. Its a platform for managing math intensive information. From simple unit conversions to advanced algebraic and trigonometric analysis. Math Dynamics allows the User to craft custom Function Definitions from many applications such as Statistics, Marketing, Engineering, etc.. And of course Algebra, Calculus, Trigonometry, Multivariable Analysis.

Not just another calculater for Math. Math Dynamics is an instrument that you can add to your tool chest that gives you an edge when it comes to everyday activities that demand a quick calculation.
Calculations can range from simple arithmetic to multivariate formulas like Cost per Unit, Miles per Gallon, etc..

Any Function Definition created in the Calculator can be downloaded and saved as an xg2 file. Use the xg2 file to load the Function Definition into the state it was saved. Users can quickly evaluate any Function Definition simply by editing the values of the variables in the table. The result is evaluated in real time as you change the values of the variables.

With Math Dynamics you can share your function definitions with other users. Download and Load functions allow the Users to save and share the state of the Function Definition. An xg2 file includes the names and values of the variables, the current result value and the Trig Mode at the time of Export.

Getting Started

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Predefined Function Definitions

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Sin Function
Quadratic Equation

Quick Budget
Centigrade to Fahrenheit
Price/Earnings Ratio

Gas Mileage
Area of a Right Triangle
Price per Unit
Help with the title which describes the Result


The Title field is where you can specify the meaning of the Result field.

The text is informational only and has no hard limit on its length. The text in the Title field is used as the default name for xg2 function definition files that are downloaded.

Help for loading function definitions previoulsy downloaded

Load the Function Definition for an .xg2 File

Click the browse button to select or change the selected Function Definition (.xg2) file to load.

Help for entering the Expression for the Function Definition

Function Definition

The Function Defintition field is where you enter most any mathematical expression

Expressions may represent many functions from a simple constant to polynomials, logrithms, exponents, etc. From a Mathematics standpoint these Expressions, formulas, etc.. are equations where the Result represents the value of the current state of the Function Definition. (Result = Expression) where Expression is a Mathematical Function consisting of constants, variables and intrinsic functions contained as operands within a structure of Math Operators.

TIP: All the spaces in function definition are removed before interpretation by the Math Dynamics MARSHALLING ENGINE.

A number followed by a character is interpreted as follows: ('1a' = '1 a' = 1) whereas any character followed by number is interpreted as a variable name, i.e. 'a12' or 'a 12' is a variable named a12. The Expression field is colloquial in nature and accepts most any combination of letters, numbers and operators. The syntax is uncomplicated and in fact is the same syntax used in computer software. All operations must be explicitly defined with an operator character, +, -, *, /, (, ).

There are some Reserved Words that represent intrinsic functions. These functions include

  1. sin
  2. cos
  3. tan
  4. aSin
  5. aCos
  6. aTan
  7. exp
  8. abs
  9. log
  10. ln

The Math Dynamics COMPUTE ENGINE responds to every change in the Expression field, updating the Result field in real time.

Radians Degrees
Help for trig mode

Trig Mode

Sets a trigonometric function to either calculate the results in degrees or radians.

Help for the Variable Table

Variable List Space

The Variable List Space conains a tabular list of the variables defined in the Expression field.

If there are no variables the Space will appear blank. Variables appear in the order they are encountered in the marshalling process. Each variable is represented as one row in the table. Each row identifies the variable name and its currently assigned value. As you edit the values of the variables in the table the COMPUTE ENGINE updates the Result field in real time.

TIP A Graph of the function will be generated whenever there is an independent variable defined. Independent variables have three values, separated with spaces, in their respective row in the table of variables. For example -3.14 3.14 .01 would generate and plot 628 points in the domain of -pi to +pi. In this case it would be best to set the Trig Mode to Radians.

TIP When the value portion of the variable's entry is blank, it's value is zero. Variable names must always begin with a Letter and can be any combination of Letters and Numerals. Variable names are Case Sensitive hence 1/time IS NOT the same as 1/Time.

Help for the result of the evaluation of the function definition


The Result field shows the current value of the state of the Function Definition

A new result is calculated and displayed anytime the value of any of the variables are changed or the trig mode is changed

Help with saving the state of a function definition

Download the Function Definition

Download and save the all of the information about this Function Definition.

This will create and download a .xg2 file named using the Title field. The .xg2 file can then be reloaded using the Choose File Button. The .xg2 file can also be imported into the Math Dynamics Android App.

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Manual Mode